Paul Klee Inspired Cityscape's (Watercolor Crayons)

My inexperience shined through in this lesson... My main objective was for my third graders to gain experience using a ruler. I soon found out I had to teach my students how to use a ruler. The finished work looks amazing, but the drawing took longer than I had expected. I introduced them to the artist Paul Klee and his use of colorful shapes in his artwork. We took that idea and made it into multiple shapes (squares, triangles, and rectangles) to create a cityscape. This project has been done by many teachers all over this nation... I hadn't found it done using watercolor crayons though, so I though it would be a great opportunity to introduce the students to a new media.
Other than the struggles with the ruler in the beginning of the lesson, my students did a great job. They were so happy and surprised how great they looked when they cut out their cityscape and glued it on the black paper.


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