Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Struggled finding ways to hang the fish... My girlfriend had the great idea of hanging them. THANK YOU for the great idea!! She put up with a crabby boyfriend, and an apartment that smelt like sharpie marker for over a week. Thanks again MAgs!

Cardboard + X-Acto Knife = Long frustrating nights

After a week of late nights and a new dislike for cardboard, I finished my Dr. Seuss Character decorations for the hallway of my elementary school. I joined my first school committee... Seuss Week! As the art teacher, I was given the decorations job. The decorations were put up Thursday after school (night before Dr. Seuss's birthday), the students walked in the next day and were extremely excited. All the hard work is worth it when you get a reaction so positive... I love my JOB! Each year I will be adding more characters... please let me know your favorite Dr. Seuss book and character for next years ideas.


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