Leprechaun Overload

All these Leprechaun traps were built at home and set to trap a leprechaun in their classroom. I wanted to take a picture of every one (didn't have enough time). The creativity and time spent building with parents was amazing to me. I thought it earned a posting on the blog. How great are these?

Leprechauns were on the students minds today... Any free time, the students work in their sketchbooks. The students were all drawing rainbows and leprechauns. I love their excitement!

Might not look like a leprechaun footprint to you, but to my kindergartners it's a mark left by a "sneaky" leprechaun. I though it looked like a NIKE... but I took the picture and joined in on their excitement.

All the kindergarten classes at both of my elementary schools were leprechaun CRAZY! I must say that I am blessed to be part of two great schools with such great enthusiastic Kindergarten and first grade teachers. The time they spend making this day memorable and all about the students is remarkable. Every kindergarten student in all 9 kindergarten classroom made their own leprechaun trap. Every classroom staged their own Leprechaun mischief at some point in the day Friday. I love my ELEMENTARY job!

One student's mother came up to me during my classroom visit and asked me to smell her sons trap. So I smelt it.... It smelt lovely. The student put a lady leprechaun ("a HOT one") at the end of the rainbow inside his trap and sprayed it with his mothers perfume to lure the man leprechaun in... WOW That's thinking!


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