Seuss Week... Door Decorating Contest

I picked the book "The Shape of Me and Other Stuff" By Dr. Seuss for inspiration for my door decoration. I had my students cut out the boy and girl, the facet, and the umbrella. All of my classes learned about silhouettes this week as we read this book. My kindergarten made silhouettes of flowers (shown on the bottom of the door), my first grade made food silhouettes (shown on the upper half of the door), and my second grade made every day object silhouettes that will be added to the door later this week. As the art teacher, I feel a kind of pressure with a contest like this... we will have to wait for the results. I will be posting the other doors around the school as the week continues...


  1. Ooooooooooh, silhouettes are my thing! I am loving this!!!!!!! jan

  2. I posted a link to this over on my blog.

    I'll probably link to it on my bulletin board blog too. So nice!

  3. Okay...I don't want to weird you out with a third comment but here I go. While I was posting a link to this post on two of my other blogs, you were posting a link to me on a totally different art sub lesson blog. .....humming the theme to the Twilight Zone in my head......

  4. The door design is fantastic!! I'm so glad I came across your blog...I love all the Dr. Seuss illustrations in the hallways too! I'm finishing up a Lorax inspired landscape printmaking unit with my second graders right now. When you have time, check out my blog artmuse67. Good luck as a new teacher! :)


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