Kindergarten Winter Self-Portraits

This lesson started with me talking to the students about what they wear in the winter and why they wear it. After we made a list of clothing items worn during the winter, I had the students draw themselves wearing clothing from the list. After the students finished their "stick figures" I introduced them to Self- Portraiture. We looked at examples from other artist and I brought in some examples of my own work. The students were very excited to start their own drawings. I gave each student a oval tracer for the head and that was it. As a class, we drew the face piece by piece together as a class so that we were able to talk about the facial measurements and scale. The students drawings turned out amazing (as I showed earlier). The next class we talked about skin color and the students brought in their own winter hats. They colored in their hats and skin with crayon. Future classes included coloring in the rest of their self-portrait, white crayon snow flakes, and wax resist watercolor on the background. We ended the lesson by making mittens and adding patters (ABC and AB) to the mittens with crayons. The end product... Amazing for Kindergarten!


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