Love The Winter Or Want The Summer Tint Lesson!

I saw this idea on another blog (can't remember where). The teacher did the lesson with tint making the ice cream cones only. I thought to myself, why can't we make snowman for winter and ice cream cones for those students who wish they didn't live through a Wisconsin winter. The students loved making the extra large ice cream cones/ tall snowman. I loved how well they caught on to the concept of tint and adding white to a color. The flash from my camera doesn't do these imaged any justice, but the students did a great job creating a gradual scale from light to dark. Love how they turned out. I love the students individual touch on each ice cream cone or snowman. The student that put the eyes on the ice cream cone... why not? Love the differences in every piece!


  1. Love this! I think I will try out the ice cream because I am so over winter...even though it is only January....pinning!

  2. I can't decide which one is more adorable! I'll have to go with the ice cream because I agree- I am so over winter already. It was -35 Celcius where I live last week :(


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