What Did I Just See In Your Notebook?

FIND OF THE YEAR! I was walking around during my fourth grade art class, when I came to a student who had finished her lesson. When students finish a lesson before other students, I have class-made sketchbooks made out of cereal boxes (check out my label for sketchbook) for my students to work on. This students is a favorite of mine, and I can tell she draws all the time. This student asked me if she could work in her notebook instead... I told her only if I could look at her notebook :). They must of just talked about bullying in class because she had drawn this in her notebook with another student at lunch. How awesome is this? She took what she learned in her regular ed. class and felt like she needed to design something.
Naturally... I asked her if I could get a copy to put up in my room and post on the blog. She made me a special drawing and brought it down to me at the end of the day. Love it!


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