What Do You Do When One Of Your Most Talented Students Moves Away?

I was just informed that one of my most talented students will be leaving at the end of this month. To say I am sad is an understatement. This students is one of the most creative students I have ever come across, and he is in 3rd grade. This is an example of his artwork from the lesson I posted below (This is unfinished... he is still working). He created this self-portrait incorporating line like no other student... I want you to look at his genius with the pizza, tiger, fishing pole, swimmer, hunting, baseball, paintbrush, and TV. This student got the concept! The way he used line in the whiskers, waves, and steam from the pizza blew me away. I am going to miss him and wish I could see him develop his craft!


  1. Great blog, keep it up! I am still a follower, not a blogger and love the community of art teachers. I teach at a charter school in Milwaukee. I found you through Mr. E. You are lucky to know when your students are leaving. I have lost some very talented students, but mine just disappear without warning. Enjoy the time you have left with him. I love the lesson.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I lost a few talented students over Christmas break, and it was sad to find their unfinished projects in my folder at the start of this semester. Often students tell me when they're leaving, and I'll let them take their project with them on the last day, finished or not, but when a half-finished project showing immense talent is left behind, it makes me sad.

    Hopefully your student's next art teacher will nurture his creativity the way you have! If not, I'm sure he's developed the creativity and skills to explore art on his own at home.

  3. Hi Mathew- I had the same thing happen early in the year, it's so sad because you want to see even more progression throughout the years! You just have to hope he'll keep it up! That detail is pretty amazing for 3rd grade. BTW I added you to my blog roll! Keep up the good work!

  4. Truly an amazing work from a 3rd grader.
    I am sorry he is leaving your school, but I know you will soon find more talented students.


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