Self-Portrait... Lesson On Line

This student chose to express her love for the color green by only using green. Other students drew a paint can and labeled it green. Love her creativity!

I got the idea for this lesson from another blogger ( I loved how the black and white photo looks with the explosion of color coming out of the students mouth. I started the lesson with asking the students what a "Self-Portrait" is? (Thanks for the question idea Derek) All my students told me that it was a picture DRAWN or PAINTED of a face. I then asked, "What if the face is a picture taken from a camera... can that be a self-portrait? All my students said no. This is when I brought out a long white piece of paper with their face on the end of it. Time to make this a self-portrait...the looks I got were priceless.
After giving them the paper with their picture on it, I introduced them to the idea of "Line." What is line? Where do we find line? Can line be more than one thing that is not connected?
I told my students to make a list of ten things that make them them. They made a list of ten things and I followed that by telling them to make a drawing of all ten things.
The next class the students learned how to make bubble letters, and drew their name as if it was blowing out of their mouth. After this, we took the ten things from the back of their picture and creatively incorporated line back to their mouth. I told the students I don't want you to draw a ice cream cone with a line back to the mouth. Some students got the concept and some struggled with it... All of the self-portraits turned out great and full of color. I will add more examples as the students finish up.


  1. I think you got this idea off my blog..

    1. Thank you! You don't know how hard I searched for your posting. You get looking at blogs and you forget where you see things. Thanks for the idea... My students loved the lesson, and the idea was amazing. Thanks again for the idea. I posted your blog posting in the description.


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