Find the Mona Lisa

I have to give all the credit to my cooperating teacher during student teaching for this idea. I call it "Find the Mona Lisa"... I hide the small picture of the Mona Lisa around the room every week and when there is that awkward unplanned time that you have when your class cleans up too quick, you play the Mona Lisa game. The students are asked to look for Mona. When a student finds it, he or she raises their hand and has to tell the class where it is without pointing or looking straight at it. Using descriptive words / directions the student describes where the painting is (ex. the Mona Lisa is on the wall with the door on it. It is below waist high and towards the left corner....). This game helps students learn from one another and gain new vocabulary.... I love it, thanks Deb!
The one to describe where the Mona Lisa is, gets to line up first... and the student that can tell me who painted the Mona Lisa can line up second.


  1. What a great idea! With such a variety in abilities among all my 27 classes a week - there are often a few minutes to fill. Sometimes I grab a quick book or review what students have learned in the lesson. I love this idea - and will definitely use it! Mona Lisa plays a very big role in my classroom management so this will fit right in!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I saw your (& co-op teacher) idea about Mona on Pinterest. Love it!Now I am a follower of both your blog and pins! Great to see new art ed teachers doing great work! Keep it up!

  3. Love this! I just started using a Mona Lisa attention-getter in my class and this will be a great add on. Thanks for posting!

    Rina at


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