Texture Lesson

My first third grade lesson... texture. The student did a great job on something that was a new term and subject for them. We talked about texture as something that's not smooth. The students took paper and crayons at first to rub different textures found around the room. The next class I brought in pictures of every day objects. We concentrated on the shapes that created texture, instead of the objects themselves (ex. squares that don't touch instead of BRICKS). They drew each of these textures on a sheet of paper filled with thumbnail sketch squares. They took these sketches and used them to draw textures inside of a snake, lizard, or turtle line drawing.
The students in the end traced over the pencil lines with a fine tip marker. They outlined the texture barrier lines and the outline of the reptiles with a medium tip marker in the end. I hope you enjoy! I forgot what blog I got the idea for it from but THANK YOU!

Lesson Plan:

Lesson: Visual Texture

Grade: 3rd Grade

Estimated Time: 3 class periods

Wisconsin State Standards:

H.4.3 Shows differences among colors, shapes, textures, and other qualities of objects in their artwork.

C.4.5 Look at nature and works of art as visual resources.

E.4.1 Communicate basic ideas by producing studio art forms, such as drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, jewelry, fibers, and ceramics.


Students will learn to look at nature for inspiration in texture

Students will work and talk about the use of the elements and principles of design

Students will learn to talk about their own work

Key Concepts:

Exposure to: drawing, permanent markers, textures and scissor cutting.


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