Four Corners - Art Game

Four Corners is a game that educates your students without them knowing it... HaHa. In Four Corners (a game I picked up from another art teacher during subbing) your room needs to have something posted in each of your four corners of your room. I start the year out with four basic colors and will evolve into artist, elements and principles of design, and names of important works of art. This game is a great reward and without the students knowing it gets them saying and talking about the words (artist, colors, themes, principles, elements and so on). Another reason this game is awesome is because there is no RUNNING or TALKING.
1. There has to be one students picked to be the "Caller." This students has to sit at a desk with his head down (no peaking) He counts to 7-10 seconds out loud.
2. By the time the Caller is done counting to 7 or 10 all of the other students have to WALK to one of the four corners of the room.
3. The Caller then (without looking) calls out a corner (a color, artist, element, principle, theme, and so on).
4. The students that are at that corner are then OUT.
5. Any student that RUNS... are OUT!
6. Students soon find out that those who run or talk are heard by the caller and make it easy for the caller to tell which corner has classmates present.
7. When it gets down to 4 students or less then only one person can stand at a corner.
8. The last person left WINS... and becomes the next CALLER ( you would be amazed at how many students want to be the Caller.

Enjoy and have fun with it. I tell my students that art should be fun and we will have fun in my class as long as they listen and RESPECT one another, the teacher, and the room. When they do this then we have fun with the free time left in class.


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