My Classroom (one of the two)

After a week of cleaning out cabinets, drawers, boxes, and more cabinets... Things are finally coming together. There is nothing more satisfying after all the hard work than your new students coming in and telling you that they like the new classroom way better than the past teachers the year before. I don't mean to bad talk a teacher, I am just happy that my students feel comfortable and enjoy the new surroundings.
The pictures above show pictures of one of my two classrooms. As a first year teacher can I say... covering the wall suck! I want the walls to be colorful and educational with paintings and art terms, but I wasn't inherited anything and don't have the money for all new posters. So I did what all artist do... I started drawing, cutting and painting. It's a lot of work, but I love this job!
If you look at the pictures you will notice my awesome track closets that role on a type of track. They are awesome and slide extremely easy. Also, look at the tennis balls on the legs of the chairs. My students are constantly moving their chairs as they get up to line up or meet me at the table for a demonstration and there is only silence... The tennis balls are genius.

Pictures of my other classroom are soon to come.


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