Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Love My Parents and Teachers

When I interviewed for the elementary art position, I was asked what it means to be a professional. After I got the position I soon learned it means way more than just what happens in the classroom. In the small town I now call home, I have found that no matter where I go I can expect to be spotted by one of my students. No matter where I am, I have to be a professional.
At the end of the day, I couldn't ask for a better situation. Today I went to Walgreen's, within seconds of being in the store I was spotted by one of my students who I greeted with a hello. As I passed him I heard the student tell his father..."That's my art teacher Mr. Lawniczak." Soon after I was introduces to the father, who came up to me on his own to welcome me to his town. I have been welcomed with open arms by every parent and staff member I have met. As an art teacher, friends are extremely important... I need stuff (junk to some, and gold to me). In an email to the staff and a newsletter soon to parents I ask for things like: Cereal boxes, egg cartons, Pringles cans, paper towel rolls, and any other craft (junk) supplies. After sending out the staff email, I was surprised to see bags and bags of stuff waiting for me the next morning. As you can see in the picture.... junk, lots and lots of junk... I love it! I can't do everything as a single person, but with great parents and staff I always have help. My students are lucky, and their teacher even luckier.

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