When Teaching Kindergarten Colors, When Is It Too Early To Introduce Painting?

I started a lesson today in my kindergarten classes introducing the students to the primary colors. In each lesson I want to combine a book or an artist with the lesson subject or idea. With this lesson I introduced the kindergarten to the artist Alexander Calder and his colorful (primary colored) mobiles. I could have had the students use markers or crayons, but I thought what the heck lets let them paint and get them started right out the gate with PAINT. The kindergarten teachers in both my buildings are AWESOME and are doing a great job of teaching the students colors in the first weeks of school. As an art teacher I see it as my duty to show my students how to hold a paintbrush and paint. Some people I have asked feel that I should wait till the kindergarten teachers introduce painting.... Well I'm a first year teacher so if I fall on my face, then I laugh it off and remember for the next year.
As I was teacher the students how to paint their individual squares with individual colors, I took it step-by-step and had the students grab a new brush each time they started a new color (I was the brushes after class.... time and brush saver). I thought my kindergartners did a great job. A couple of them dropped paint on the floor and stepped in it, (little foot prints all over the room) but this was the biggest problem. Heck I can paint, but I still drip paint so I figure if this is my only problem then things went well.
Please let me know what you think.... and once I add pictures let me know how you might have done the lesson differently and without paint is you disagree with my PAINT on the first lesson.


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