Welcome to Waupaca... ART TEACHER

Well it finally happened.... I got a Art Teaching JOB! Humans are often told after something bad happens that things happen for a reason. The phrase is never comforting until it comes true. Interview after interview I was fed this line. I would either fall in love with the school or the city before the interview, and then be heart broken when I found out that I didn't land the job. In the case of Waupaca I loved the city and the school, yet left the interview feeling as if I bombed it.
My surprise three days later that I landed the job at a school I loved located in a city I love just as equally so... Things happen for a reason!
I am now a K-5 art teacher at two different elementary schools. At both schools I have my own classrooms full of junk (an art teachers dream) and a surplus of supplies left by the previous teacher.


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