Mondrian Squares

Piet Mondrian (2nd grade)

YAY! I am very excited because I am officially posting my first lessons. My second grade learned about the Primary colors and the artist Piet Mondrian. I love the individuality of this lesson. They all turned out amazing and it was a huge confidence boost for their first year teacher (myself). We started out the lesson with a review on the primary colors (I say review, but none of my students knew the primary colors by second grade... good thing I'm here). After I introduced the students to the primary colors I showed them the work of Piet Mondrian. We talked about the use of colors and the formation of squares and rectangles. I forget which blog I got this idea from, but thank you. The lesson allowed me to introduce basic colors, painting skills, ruler skills, and gluing skills = Awesome lesson. My second graders loved how they turned out. Lesson plan (I will be providing the lesson plans I turn in every week to my principal in hope that I can help new teachers).

Lesson: Piet Mondrian

Grade: 2nd Grade

Estimated Time: 3 class periods

Wisconsin State Standards:

H.4.3 Shows differences among colors, shapes, textures, and other qualities of objects in their artwork.

A.4.1 Develop a basic mental storehouse of images

E.4.1 Communicate basic ideas by producing studio art forms, such as drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, jewelry, fibers, and ceramics.


Students will develop painting skills

Students will learn to work with a ruler

Key Concepts:

Exposure to: Piet Mondrian, primary colors, painting, and working with a ruler.

Please enjoy the students artwork... I am very proud and excited to show parents and staff all of their hard work!


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